A message from Marney Makridakis, founder of Artella Land, ARTbundance™, and author of the bestselling book, Creating Time:

Gratitude is the foundation of full, voluminous, creative loving. Perhaps more than any other simple practice, gratitude holds the greatest power to change our individual lives and alter the course of our global trajectory....especially when creative people use their natural gifts to activate it!

Now more than ever, we all need gratitude to bloom in our hearts, and so I invite you to experience the new free program everyone's talking about: take an all-new ARTbundance Adventure to the Gratitude Garden...a free gift to celebrate the beauty of spring!

Artella's all-new monthly Member Ship Adventures were unveiled earlier this year...and now you are invited to enjoy this month's ARTbundance Adventure...for Free!

"I am so grateful for the Gratitude Garden Adventure! It is exquisitely created. I am enjoying every facet. Just what my creative soul needed." ~Brigitte

This month's Adventure takes you to The Gratitude Garden, where you'll find all kinds of inspiration to help you integrate gratitude into your life in creatives ways, including find bite-sized videos, stories, downloadable supplies, ARTsignment projects, and in-the-moment mini workshops that you can dive into instantly, whenever you like.

Simply sign up below to access the "postcard portal" for your Adventure!

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