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These Audio ACTimonials are a consolidation of about two dozen ACT Graduates sharing their personal experiences with the program. The recording is approx 24 minutes...feel free to listen to a little, or a lot! :-)

Being a part of the ACT process has been AMAZING! I have other coach training as well as a Masters in NLP and this is by far the best thing I have done for myself (and my clients). With the ARTbundance Process, you can go deeper, faster without getting all caught up in the issues and stories. This training curriculum is deep yet easy to learn and incorporate within a coaching practice. I have enjoyed the classes, have made great friends and feel a vital part of the ACT Community. Over the past few months, I have learned more than I ever thought I would and feel very confident moving forward.
- Judy Womack

ACT  7 has been a breath of fresh air in my life. I have felt so supported and affirmed. I have felt challenged and happy at the same time. This program has gently taken me to a new place in my work and my estimation of myself. Thank you for the kindness you put forward in your teaching.
- Lee Pope

This has been thoroughly enjoyable. I have discovered aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of or didn’t want to acknowledge, and the encouragement and support of my peers has really allowed me to look at my strengths. Super exciting and interesting art tasks, lovely reflective comments from Marney and Paula........the whole system merges well with what I already know, and is super easy to learn and practice. Fab, love, modern and contemporary way of learning!
- Sylma Fine

Marney, I am overflowing with gratitude and joy for the inspiration you bring me. You are the coach and role model of my dreams - brilliant, authentic, warm and generous. Marney, I feel so blessed by your beautiful wisdom and presence in my life. Working with you is moving me to new levels in my work and my life. Thank you from the depths of my heart.
- Tracie Sage

The Artbundance experience was like going to Club Med for the spiritually creative soul. It proved to be a relaxed journey with plenty of excursions to explore the world of art and healing. I was amazed at the level of organization and thought put into this program; moreover, each week kept building and adding to the treasure chest ! The integration of utilizing the right brain to join the left promotes more balance and FUN ! 100% of the material is useful and ArtSignments are life changing ! Mahalo Marney for sharing your brilliance and creating this community.
- Merrill Disney

Thank you so much for being who you are! Your belief in yourself and your own creatively healing work has helped me open my eyes and heart to my own possibilities.  You’ve tapped into the very essence of being creative and also having a business… your own terms. That’s freedom! Thanks for showing me the way. You’re Simply the Best!
- Angela George

This is not a traditional class.  If you've taken classes before and wished for the ability to slow it down so your life can catch up to it...this might interest you.  The pacing of our classwork was very conducive to coordinating with real life.  Marney designed the program so you can work as much as you want, or take a time out of you need it.  There is bonus content, an amazing support collection of unique women, and someone to contact to help pull the rip cord on your parachute!!  We worked with mentors and some became mentors ourselves. The sharing of information, encouragement, and creativity made me so satisfied that I chose the ARTbundance™ Certification Training program to enhance my consulting business.
- Amy Heil

ARTbundance™ changed my life from the inside out.  From the moment I submitted my application I felt empowered and energized.   I had been searching for a community of like-minded souls for so long and when I joined the forums of ARTbundance™ I knew I was home!  I felt seen as an artist, heard as a unique human and encouraged as a budding coach. Knowing that I was working on a new path for my life gave me a great boost of confidence in my day-to-day life.  Each ARTsignment and interaction on the forum was like a treasure that I stored up in my heart and returned to when I was doubting myself or feeling like I wasn't "enough".  Marney's teaching style was joyful and uplifting and Paula's guidance and encouragement were amazing.  Together Marney and Paula are a powerful team and I was so grateful for their approachability and kindness.  Since completing the ARTbundance™ training I have started dreaming about my future in bigger ways and have made conscious efforts to bring the principles to life in my interactions with others.  I look forward to working as a coach and I look forward to watching ARTbundance spread across the globe!
- Jennifer Knutson

Marney is one of the most inspiring role models I’ve been privileged to know. People often talk about sharing information and resources, yet few live up to it from the genuineness of that  is the reality of Marney.  I entered Marneyville (also known as Artella Land) in the fall of 2010, at a time when I had to reinvent myself professionally as my major consulting clients for nine years (City Government) no longer had funds.  I fondly refer to this as Marneyville as it is genuinely a community. A place for us creative brained people to gather together, where technology allows us to communicate in so many different ways, and Marney opens her heart as well as her tool box, and sets out the welcome sign – and we get to stay, as true family members, even when we’ve completed various courses.
- Sande Roberts

I just loved every single part of this training even if it was sometimes a real challenge to me.  I thought I always knew exactly what I wanted to do with my business, but  ACT has really broadened my vision and challenged me to discover new opportunities.  New ideas, new insights keep popping up into my mind, even months after the last teleclass.  This is really a wonderful, inspiring program. ACT made me a better and a happier entrepreneur in many ways.
- Jella Verelst

ACT really took me to another level in connecting with others and attracting what I needed.  I am now more confident and assured that I am and my work are needed and wanted in this world. The combination of the live classes, ARTsignments™, Marney's feedback and the interactions with my tribe have had such a huge positive impact on my life.The path I was headed has turned into a beautifully clear road as I worked through the Artbundance™ principles in my life. I especially love the built in support, not only with our forum; but also with the journeying party and being assigned a mentor. I am in a safe and loving community of like-minded individuals where I never felt judged. I was and continue to feel supported. I have learned the more you put of yourself into anything; the more you get out of it. ACT allows you to do just that; because the very foundation of Artbundance™ is spirituality (and love/compassion), which facilitates authenticity in people. I felt I could be me and be appreciated and valued. Thank you so much Marney, because ACT has made ALL the difference!
- Angela Orobko

This has been such a wonderful process of unfolding creativity, nurturing, and with great vision. I am learning that I have a knack for creating spontaneous artsignments intuitively. It is rather exciting and I really envision helping many beings on this planet, and I have a team that I can talk with, witch is also Amazing! My mentor has also been such a wonderful support. Thank you so very much for this superbly rich and thoughtful program. It is like no other that I have seen !!!
- Vivian Sakellariou

My life has gained a zillion pounds of sunlight moonlight and starlight from this course- I am dancing with all the particles- thes are the material of which wings are made!
- Aja Dematerra

Artbundance was just what I wanted and it came to me just when I needed it though for different reasons than those I first thought I first needed. I wanted something to validate my need to feel I could start and complete something related to art/teaching/ through a certification. But a few weeks into it, my life changed dramatically, and the program helped me move through the transition much more gracefully than I could have ever done it alone. The network of people is awesome, the technique works, the teacher and classes are awesome. I feel much more connected to my own self and able to connect with others on a deeper level.
- Kenda-Lee Hice

ARTbundance training came to me at a time in my life when I was searching for deeper meaning concerning my place in the world and about the whole of life itself. I was coming from a place of re-birthing a me that was authentic, a life connected to my values, purpose centered on my highest potential and an earnest desire to become better than I was in order to help make the world a better place. This may seem like a lot of big change and indeed it was just that. All that I knew my life to be was dismantling itself and my world was definitely shifting! This is important to my story because at this very time and place, with all its tremendous challenges, I was given the gift of grace in the form of an opportunity to apply for ARTbundance. My journey through the training provided a system of exploration, discovery and transformation that paralleled all that was happening for me in life. The principles, format, ARTsignments, reflections, community and learning have all enhanced my life immeasurably and I can honestly say that today, I am better than I was - my life is blessed in countless ways and I am now ready to bring forth my gifts to make the world a better place through all that is creative. I encourage anyone who hears the call to further their journey through ARTbundance to seize this treasure.
- Christine DeJuliis

Vincent Van Gogh said, "How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside of me, what can it be?" Do you have a similar question about yourself and your life? Do you feel lost or unfocused? I know that I did, and that was what brought me to the ARTbundance Coach Training Program. It was a feeling of having meandered through the year with no clear direction or focus for the deep urging within myself to be of service to others. And the ACT program really gave me that avenue to focus those urgings and to put myself in a place where I could be of service to others and help them along their paths. The program has been designed in such a way that it builds upon itself bit by bit, little by little to gently and clearly give you the tools and information to be an ARTbundance Coach. And Marney is amazing! Supportive, nurturing and giving of both herself and her time. Carefully and confidently she shepherds the group along until they emerge transformed on the other side. And with the deep connections that are formed amongst the other participants you will come out of the experience with a group of colleagues and friends that will support you and help guide you through out all levels of your life personal and professional. So if you find yourself asking: How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside of me, what can it be?¯ I HIGHLY recommend exploring the ARTbundance Coach Training Program.
- David Wagenfeld

Dear Marney, I want to thank you very, very much for your ARTbundance Coaching program. You helped me in so many ways. First of all, for the first time in years, I got out my art supplies. I can't tell you how good it felt to make colorful pictures. You made me reflect on new ideas and examine how I reacted to them. You showed me a very fun way to work my business. And you gave me some great new tools to use with my clients. There were a couple of other qualities to your course that I have to mention as well. First of all, I have never met someone who is more supportive and caring about her clients. It felt good to get your attention, and it also gave me a wonderful model to apply to my own business. You are kind, accepting and very, very creative. I want to be like you when I grow up!! You also blow my mind with how thorough, how complete, how full your course is! You have lots and lots of information and I feel blessed in riches from it. You are generous beyond belief in materials. Your ARTsignments Guidebooks are chock full of incredible information and ideas. Every week I was in awe at what you put together. This is a great resource for both my own private work, and my work with my clients. Thank you very much for this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is grappling with abundance issues or who wishes to help her clients with them.
- Julia Rymut

ACT has been an enlightening experiece. I feel that this has helped me to expand my vision for what is possible for me in a business sense and also stretched me beyond where I might have gone alone. I have learned some invaluable lessons about myself and my capabilities. All of this on top of the most AMAZING connections with like minded people that I could have ever hoped for.
- Carrie Faden

Thank you Marney!!! You are amazing. And the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of this program is outstanding! I am overflowing with gratitude and joy for the inspiration you bring me. You are the coach and role model of my dreams - brilliant, authentic, warm and generous. Marney, I feel so blessed by your beautiful wisdom and presence in my life. Working with you is moving me to new levels in my work and my life. Thank you from the depths of my heart.
- Tracie Sage

ARTbundance™ certification has been a transformational journey of self discovery. The ARTsignments are each little miracles waiting to happen for the person that chooses to explore them. I’m so blessed to now be able to share them with others and experience magic right before my eyes! Along the way, I've also developed many lifetime friendships. It was so beautiful to be a member of a true tribe. Thanks Marney for a glorious transformational experience. ACT and MAIN were essential to forming a clearer vision for my future and transitioning to run a new business of my own!
- Deborah Carlson

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to participate in the ACT experience. It has given me new insight and inspiration and a greater confidence to utilize my skills and the heart of who I am in a public way. Mahalo Marney!!!
- Lori Wada

I really resonated with Marney and ACT when I first heard about it. I am so glad I followed through. ACT from the very beginning, through to the end, has been such a delightful, exciting, and immensely valuable experience. Marney has so elegantly planned our assignments so that I got practice over the 14 weeks being my own coach so that I can coach others from experience. I didn’t realize this because I was enticed by my own delicious exploration that the assignments encourage. Marney’s training is heartfelt and deeply put me in touch with my own gifts so that I could use them through the training and craft an authentic foundation for my brand of coaching. Now that I am at the last few weeks, I wonder, ”How did I grow so much?” I feel a new confidence and passion to do “me”. The lectures are substantive and interesting with group work that is perfectly timed and Marney does it all with such grace and lovingness. And the fact that after certification I am become part of an online alumni community of like minded coaches and practitioners, was a key reason for joining ACT.
- Melanie Hill

ACT is a well developed, creative, inspiring, delightful adventure that is personally and professionally transformative! Don’t miss your chance to avail yourself of this magical, one of a kind experience!
- Susan McLean

In addition to the individual attention and feedback that Marney gives to every trainee on every assignment, the ACT program provides support in lots of other ways. The community as a whole and the journey group interaction is very helpful. One additional benefit that this program provides that I rarely see anywhere else is a set of fabulous business-creation tools at the end of the program. You don't just end up a newly-trained coach with nowhere to go. The support and community are ongoing, and we all delight in each others' successes.
- Donna Mills

ACT was a gripping experience from the word go and without doubt the most fantastic course I have ever taken. From the booklets to the calls to the forum, it was an participatory experience that enabled me to gain praxis in my work and, most importantly, has given me the confidence to know I can coach anyone about anything, thanks to the Artbundance Principals. It was, quite simply, a life changing experience for me.
- Rachel McDonald

Several years ago I knew I wanted to be a coach and began searching for a certification that resonated with me. It wasn't until I was introduced to Artella's ARTbundance coach training that I found exactly what I was looking for in HOW and WHY I wanted to coach. What I found most compelling about my ARTbundance training is it really gave me the tools to dig deeper with my clients in a way that my other certifications did not. It's far from a cookie cutter "how to" course; you get to roll your sleeves up, immerse yourself in the program, and come out with tools, a supportive community, and a stronger you.
- Woz Fint

ARTbundance helped me understand how important creativity is to me in all areas of my life. I knew I loved to create but did not realize being creative is a necessity as important as the air I breathe – not a luxury to savor later if I have the time. Marney is a master at asking the right questions and guiding people to their innate, unique inner wisdom. I've experienced a lot of personal growth work through the years and including art, words…and more was a playful and profound way to learn how I can authentically share my gifts and talents with the world. I LOVE the 9 ARTbundance Principles – they have become an integral part of my life, my personal favorite being Gratitude…a daily reminder to express gratitude for everything in my life. ARTbundance is a gift that keeps on giving…creatively.
- Sheryl Allen

When I enrolled in Marney's brilliant ARTbundance Certification Training program, I knew that I had a deep passion for creativity and wanted to find a way to share that. Little did I know that ARTbundance would deliver far more. During the course, I met my muse, Endless Pools of Soul, and began to get really clear on the fact that I was here to serve and had a big message for the world. ACT set me on a course of deep personal and spiritual growth, which continues a year later. My ARTbundance certification was like a portal to a world that is alive and full of wonder, and I am thankful every day for having made the investment in myself.
- Dawn Richerson

Marney, I just want to say thank you for your amazing creativity and inspiration, for your attention to detail, and for your intention to bring all of us coaches to success. I've been very impressed with this entire program. Your exuberance is contagious, and your generosity is fantastic. THANK YOU SO MUCH for a great experience! I loved the class and I love this whole process. Plus, you are awesome and I feel so privileged to connect with you. I LOVED ARTbundance Coach Training. I've been an ontological (way of being) coach for 10 years, so I had a lot of experience already, but this program wowed me! The wild creativity and deep authenticity of the program, combined with the invitation to become more of oneself, has been inspirational. It has kicked my coaching up a notch, for sure. ACT really rocks!
- Janet Shepherd

At the end of our ACT Program, I sent Marney a song of gratitude. I had changed the words from Dido's "Thank You" song to say: "I wanna thank you for giving me the best course of my life." Truly, that is what the ACT program has been for me! No exaggeration here: I feel as though I got more out of the 4 months that I was in this program than I got out of 4 years of college! (Not to mention several years of therapy too! LOL!) Marney filled us with useful, applicable knowledge, but I never felt overwhelmed or stressed out by it. She made it constantly delightful to learn the material, and her lectures were interesting, lively and fun. There is a magic to Marney's technique of teaching that is hard to describe, but much of what I learned was already inside of me, and I didn't know it until I took this program. A door of knowledge of my own unique gifts was opened in me, and it will grow and flourish though out the rest of my life! What a gift! She provided personal support throughout the program, as well as a warm, ongoing community where we can all get together and share. I feel like a different person than I was when I began the ACT program: creative, confident, sure-of-myself and my abilities to help others.
- Marguerite Bryant

I'm SO very grateful for this whole process I've experienced. THANK YOU, MARNEY!! I didn't know how this would fit into my life when I decided to go through this, but I knew it was something I felt strongly led to experience. I'm realizing that I've found my definite calling, and finally I have a community of people to collaborate with to make my (and others') dreams come true!
- Wendy Fedan

I can honestly say that the experience of participating in ARTbundance training has had a profound impact on my life. The ripples and reverberations continue to touch everything I am doing. The ARTbundance Principles and philosophy are a touchstone and a golden thread tying my diverse projects and interests into a meaningful whole that is greater by far than I could have realized on my own.
- Paula Swenson

ACT and the ARTbundance is like a spray of sparkling light, a long drink after a dusty walk on a hot day - the whole approach is so welcoming and accepting for those whose primary way of being is creative and spiritual. The freedom to expand and grow based on this attitude and many inspiring prompts and ARTsignments makes the program electrically transformative. Marney's generous spirit of creative playfulness and business acumen is a dynamite combination.
- Elizabeth Adams

Inspiring, Balanced, Versatile, Focusing, Clarifying, Full, Full, Full of Tools to Use to Take Spiritual, Creative Coaching to a Deep Level, FUN! All of these things and more I found in the ARTbundance Coach Training. Sharing the experience with likeminded Spirits was the icing on the cake. And Marney herself is the candle that Lights the way. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to marry fun, creative approaches to tap into the spiritual wisdom to find the answers you and your clients are searching for for the change you are craving.
- Kelly Jo Murphy

Marney, in the whirlwind of the past few months of my life, I have never lost sight of your true generosity of spirit, resources and, well, humanity – for lack of a better way to phrase it. The courses I had taken from you prior to the ARTbundance traning were both inspiring and awakening. Awakening in the confirmation of my feeling that visual arts were a key way to help people in coaching – and along came ARTbundance! Knowing that ARTbundance was an answer I had been seeking to a question I had never asked has made me key in on my own intuition and understanding of myself and other people. I love what you have created and am extremely grateful that you are willing to share your creativity in so many ways. For anyone considering this training- even if you aren't planning on coaching, this training will be a revolution for your creativity and self-development. You will learn so many different ways of looking at things, get to know yourself deeply, and truly inspire yourself to do things you didn't think possible or practical.
- Karen Karsten

One of the many things that stands out about ARTbundance training from other coaching courses I've attended, is that Marney has a deep respect for intuition. You know how we often doubt if that's really our intuition we're tapping into? With all the practice we get using our intuition during this ARTbundance work, we begin to get used to trusting it. I've noticed as time goes on, I'm starting to hand it all over to my intuition (Muse) when it's time to make decisions. I'm thinking the world is going to catch up with accepting and respecting intuition one of these days because it's starving for it. As long as I've experienced Marney she has been cutting edge in all she does...just instead of using a spiritual sharp knife, she uses a spiritual warm cup of cocoa. I've studied with a TON of coaching instructors and workshop/seminar leaders and I am just blown away by what you do. You truly inspire others because you KNOW your gifts and you use them in such a touchingly beautiful way. You share things with us that most wouldn't, making you human like us and very approachable. You are excellent with people. You create a space for us to feel we can express...which is a gift. Not every leader has that gift. Thank you for existing and being a shining example of what humans in the world could be like if they "got" life the way you do. I love watching this whole ARTbundance concept unfurl. Iv'e observed some heavy spiritual miracles that happen, making the learning not just skill building, but life altering.
- TiCo

I can't thank you enough - this program has so many levels of activity and growth - great resources, great energy, great insights! Incredible structure. You are amazing! Blessings! Marney, thank you so much for your inspiration! This has been an incredibly rich journey. You have a positive energy field that has no boundaries.
- Gena Lumbroso

Years ago I took coaching classes from a coaching school that was said to be "the best." So after a year and a half of taking classes, hating them, not understanding why "the best" didn't feel good, never made any coaching buddies, and quitting the program -- I was feeling pretty discouraged about starting a coaching practice. But that was me then...always trying to make a square peg fit into a circle. I never had to do that with ARTbundance coaching. I love the flexibility of it...and the structure all at the same time. I'm grateful for that. I feel especially honored to be part of this group. I really believe that I have made some lifelong buddies, collaborators, partners, and cheerleaders.
- L'Tanya Durante

I want to write a testimonial for my ACT experience but nothing I write seems adequate or does the program justice. I've been dealing with the same questions/issues over and over for years. Because of the ACT training, I have been able to address those issues and answers those questions. This was more than just training to become an ARTbundance Coach, it was a life enhancing experience. I know that because of the support, not only during the program but ongoing support after the program, I am going to be very successful in my business.
- Bheki Naylor

After listening in I felt in my heart that this is the right training for me.. I'm so happy to have found you and your programs.ARTbundance and you, Marney, have helped me so much to see possibilities in Joy!
- Barb Kobe

Thank you so much Marney for this whole process. You are an amazing business woman and very open hearted and generous. I hope to follow your model of providing even more than you promise.
- Anne O'Connor

I'm so excited about the work we have been doing with Marney. For me alone it has been transformational and just what I needed to get through a difficult patch in my life where I was stuck.
- Elaine Waller

Thanks for the wonderful experience of being an inaugural coach trainee Marney. Our group was fantastic and I appreciate you for selecting me for this awesome program. Mahalo nui for organizing this, I appreciate you and all you do for us creatives!
- Dewi Maille Lim

The ARTbundance Coach Training is a unique experience for very many reasons. The reason that touched me most deeply is that ACT was created by a creative person for creative coaches and clients. When I looked into a standard coach training program it was centered too much in the head, but the ACT program is actually centered in the heart. ACT uses creative exercises for those of us who learn by doing that honed my coaching skills while adding a great creative toolkit to my toolbox of skills that I can use with any given client. There are exercises in the program that are quick and easy as well as exercises that made me stretch myself both creatively and personally. All of this combined to make the coach training fun and easy while also supporting me to know that the coaching process with my clients is and will continue to be fun and easy far into the future.
- Pilisa Connor

I just want to say how thrilled I am with the course, and though I have some fears, I feel ready to start my practice! Thank you for this opportunity, I hope to continue learning and growing my business through the wonderful classes at Artella. I have gained so much from you, and your energy!
- Renee Wilkey

Even before completing my certification, I have begun to use the exercises in various areas of my life--bringing creativity and new life to places that I never thought were lacking energy or imagination. I experience not only a new level of power, but also a new freedom in expressing it.
- Eileen Dyer

Becoming an ARTbundance Coach has been an extraordinary experience for me. I am able to blend both my teaching and artistic experiences during my coaching sessions, and the insights are still coming!
- Leslie Dupont

ACT has shown me that long buried dreams and aspirations can be resurrected. ACT has proven to me I have a voice and that I can benefit others. I am excited to put vision into action for myself and others.
- Holly Thompson

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NEW! Listen to Audio ACTimonials!
These Audio ACTimonials are a consolidation of about two dozen ACT Graduates sharing their personal experiences with the program. The recording is approx 24 minutes...feel free to listen to a little, or a lot! :-)

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